Mixing and Mastering
All songs mixed and mastered by Bernd Steinwedel at Studio-Nord, Bremen except XPress, mixed by Scott Kinsey.

Produced 2007 by Peter Cronemeyer, Germany

Artwork (Booklet)
© Artwork 2007 by LaikArt, Bremen, Germany

Photos (Booklet)
Cover photo Kay Nordstrom
Photos of Scott Kinsey, Scott Henderson, Kirk Covington & Jimmy Earl by Cheryl Graul © eemages
Photo of Will Lee © by Sandrine Lee
Photo of Vinnie Colaiuta © by Steven Haberland
Photos of Rick Braun, Brandon Fields, Walt Fowler, Judd Miller, Mike Miller, Ernest Tibbs and Erni'e Watts © by Mitchel Forman
Photos of Kai Thomsen, Bernd Steinwedel © by Susanne Tobin
Photo of Michael Günter Schmidt © by Ronald Goris
Photo of Jimmy Haslip © by KVON

Rick Braun appears courtesy of ARTizen Records
Mitchel Forman appears courtesy of Marsis Jazz
David Garfield appears courtesy of Creatchy Records
Wolfgang Haffner appears courtesy of ACT Records
Jimmy Haslip appears courtesy of Heads Up International
Ernie Watts appears courtesy of Flying Dolphin Records

Engineer for Jimmy Haslip's bass tracks: Jon Lowery @ ARTISAN sound

All songs composed and arranged by Michael „MSM“ Schmidt, except XPress, arranged by Scott Kinsey. Published 2007 by Laika-Records & Publishing, Bremen, Germany

Total Running Time: 88:36 minutes



01. Journey to Fukuoka 6:45

Mike Miller - Guitar; Jimmy Haslip - Bass; Joel Rosenblatt - Drums; Mitchel Forman - Piano; Judd Miller - EVI; Brandon Fields - Sax; Kai Thomsen / MSM Schmidt - Synths

02. Little Joe 7:15

Joel Rosenblatt - Drums; David Garfield - Piano; Ric Fierabracci - Bass; Rick Braun - Trumpet; Judd Miller - EVI; Brandon Fields - Sax; Walt Fowler - Trumpet; Kai Thomsen / MSM Schmidt - Synths

03. Country X 6:48

Brandon Fields - Sax; Mike Miller - Acoustic guitar; Wolfgang Haffner - Drums; Dave Carpenter - Acoustic bass; Mitchel Forman - Pianos; MSM Schmidt - Percussion & synths

04. Song for Michel 7:38

Rick Braun - Trumpet; Brandon Fields - Sax; Will Lee - Electric bass; Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums; Mitchel Forman - Electric piano; MSM Schmidt - Synths & loops and acoustic bass programming

05. Rizma 5:56

David Garfield - Electric Piano; Ric Fierabracci - Bass; Mike Miller - Guitar; Joel Rosenblatt - Drums; Kai Thomsen / MSM Schmidt - Synths & percussion; Brandon Fields - Sax; Walt Fowler - Trumpet

06. Interlude 0:56

07. Caroline 5:04

Ernie Watts - Tenor sax; Wolfgang Haffner - Drums; Mike Miller - Acoustic guitar; MSM Schmidt - Synths & loops

08. Slow Moves 6:36

Ernie Watts - Tenor sax; Mitchel Forman - Piano; Ernest Tibbs - Bass; Wolfgang Haffner - Drums; MSM Schmidt / Kai Thomsen - Synths and programming

09. X-Press (More than words Kin Sey) 6:41

Scott Kinsey - Keyboards; Scott Henderson - Guitar; Steve Tavaglione - Soprano sax; Jimmy Earl - Bass; Kirk Covington - Drums; Brad Dutz - Percussion; MSM Schmidt - Synths

10. Sphere 6:26

Jimmy Haslip - Bass; Judd Miller - EVI; Ernie Watts - Sax; Mitchel Forman - Piano; Joel Rosenblatt - Drums; Kai Thomsen / MSM Schmidt - Keyboards, synths & loops

11. Falling Down 8:13

Ernest Tibbs - Bass; Mitchel Forman - Acoustic and electric piano, synths; Brandon Fields - Sax; Walt Fowler - Trumpet; Wolfgang Haffner - Drums; Mike Miller - Electric guitar; Kai Thomsen / MSM Schmidt - Synths, loops & programming



01. Journey to Fukuoka 6:17



My first CD "Arrivals" (2003) was originally meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime project. The concept behind it was to see if it was possible for a non-professional musician like me to win professional musicians over I had known only through the CDs and LPs in my collection. Much to my surprise, it worked well without me being present at the recording sessions.

At that time, drummer Wolfgang Haffner and saxophonist Steve Tavaglione had helped me to get in touch with keyboardists Mitchel Forman and Scott Kinsey. Without Mitchel and Scott, this new project would never have become so homogeneous. Most of the sessions took place in Mitchel's studio, whereas Scott was sent a demo version of XPress, for which he was given absolute freedom of arranging.

Song for Michel is an homage to the great composer and musician Michel Colombier, who passed away in November 2004. Although the song is inspired by his music, his spectrum was much broader than this. Originally composed a few years ago, it was meant to be included on the Arrivals CD, but it had tobe left out as it didn't seem complete. Years later, I asked Rick Braun to add his beautiful trumpet playing. Special thanks also to Brandon Fields, who plays wonderfully.

Rizma is dedicated to the band Karizma. lt is an honor for me to have keyboardist and co-founder David Garfield an board.

The basic idea for Little Joe was brought in by Kai Thomsen, who contributed some inspiring ideas and had an important role in composing some of the music on this CD.

Journey to Fukuoka was inspired by a trip to the Sumo tournament held there annually. Many thanks to Arisa Nakashima, who provided us with tickets.

For all those interested: the bonus sang is a shortened and mainly acoustic version of Country X featuring Mitchel Forman, Mike Miller, Dave Carpenter and MSM.

Special thanks to:
Mitchel Forman for his invaluable help throughout the project,
Scott Kinsey for making XPress come to life,
Kai Thomsen for helping me compose the songs and for technical assistance,
Bernd Steinwedel for his ears and patience,
all the musicians, who played so wonderfully,
my family and friends and Susanne for always supporting me.

Special thanks also to Holger Larisch, Ingo Rose, Wolfgang Roloff, Peter Cronemeyer, CD Baby, Stefan Koch, Heike Witzstrock and to Spectrasonics for Atmosphere and Metamorphosis.
August 2007, Michael „MSM“ Schmidt





Rick Braun
trumpet, valve trombone
Dave Carpenter
electric bass, contrabass
Vinnie Colaiuta
Kirk Covington
Brad Dutz
Jimmy Earl
Brandon Fields
soprano, alto, tenor saxophone
Ric Fierabracci
Mitch Forman
producer, piano, synthesizers
Walt Fowler
trumpet, flugel horn
David Garfield
Wolfgang Haffner
Jimmy Haslip
electric bass
Scott Henderson
Scott Kinsey
fender rhodes, synthesizer
Will Lee
Judd Miller
Mike Miller
Joel Rosenblatt
Bernd Steinwedel
Steve Tavaglione
soprano sax
Kai Thomsen
synths & loops
Ernest Tibbs
Ernie Watts
tenor saxophone





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