Mixing and Mastering
Mixed by Holger Larisch, Ingo Bittkau and Michael „MSM“ Schmidt
Mastered by Bernd Steinwedel at Studio-Nord, Bremen


Recorded by ScottKinsey, Mitchel Forman, Wolfgang Haffner, Brandon Fields, Will Lee, Holger Larisch, Ingo Bittkau and Michael „MSM“ Schmidt

Artwork (Booklet)
Coverdesign by Helge Mruck

Photos (Booklet)
Airport photography by Helge Mruck
Portrait photos by Ronald Goris

Loops and samples courtesy of SPECTRASONICS "Distorted Reality", "Distorted Reality 2", "Metamorphosis" and SAMPLEHEADS "Peter Erskine Living Drums", "The Will Lee Bass Library Vol 1", "NYC Percussionworks"

Scott Kinsey appears courtesy of ESC Records
Wolfgang Haffner appears courtesy of SKIP Records
Mitchel Forman appears courtesy of MARSIS JAZZ

All songs composed and arranged by Michael „MSM“ Schmidt, published 2003 by Starfish Music, Bremen, Germany

Total Running Time: 70:35 minutes



01. Orca 6:03

Brandon Fields (soprano sax), Mitchel Forman (piano), Wolfgang Haffner (drums), Holger Larisch (guitar), Timm Pyttlik (trumpet), Abe Laboriel (bass), Michael Schmidt (synths, programming)

02. Dunes 6:25

Brandon Fields (alto sax), Kai Thomsen (synth solo), Wolfgang Haffner (drums), Michael Schmidt (synths, programming), Will Lee (bass)

03. Afrique 5:33

Steve Tavalione (tenor sax), Scott Kinsey (second synth solo), Wolfgang Haffner (drums), Timm Pyttlik (trumpet), Abe Laboriel (bass), Michael Schmidt (percussion solo, first synth solo, programming)

04. White Light 6:55

Brandon Fields (soprano sax), Mitchel Forman (piano), Wolfgang Haffner (drums), Holger Larisch (guitar), Will Lee (bass), Michael Schmidt (synths, loops)

05. Lullaby 4:50

Steve Tavaglione (flute and soprano sax), Scott Kinsey (synth solos), Timm Pyttlik (trumpet), Abe Laboriel (bass), Michael Schmidt (drum programming, synths)

06. One 4 Ron 5:18

Holger Larisch (guitar), Steve Tavaglione (tenor sax), Michael Schmidt (drums, programming, synths)

07. Zebra 7:29

Lutz Büchner (tenor sax), Michael Schmidt (vibes, programming), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Abe Laboriel (bass and solo)

08. Serious 5:43

Steve Tavaglione (tenor sax), Scott Kinsey (piano solo), Holger Larisch (rhythm guitar), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Will Lee (bass), Michael Schmidt (piano, synths, programming)

09. New Hope 5:16

Steve Tavaglione (tenor sax), Kai Thomsen (piano solo), Holger Larisch (guitar), Will Lee (bass), Wolfgang Haffner (drums), Michael Schmidt (synths and programming)

10. Distorted Dreams 4:53

Michael Schmidt (keyboards, loops and programming), Holger Larisch (guitars), Timm Pyttlik (muted trumpet)

11. Bouquet 4:39

Timm Pyttlik (muted trumpet solo), Bernd Schlott (clarinet), Ingo Bittkau (piano solo), Uli Gadau (acoustic bass), Michael Schmidt (programming, vibes, piano), Helge Mruck (strings at intro)

12. MC 6:47

Steve Tavaglione (soprano sax), Mitch Forman (piano), Abe Laboriel (bass), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Michael Schmidt (synths, loops, programming), Kai Thomsen (additional synths)

13. Dunes Reprise 0:44

Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Will Lee (bass), Michael Schmidt (synths and percussion programming)



01. Orca 6:17



Special thanks to all the musicians. Thanks for helping me to fulfil my dream:

Holger Larisch: Friend, accomplished musician and sound engineer. Thanks for the endless hours in the studio!
Ingo Bittkau: Thanks for all your help. Bouquet could not have happened without you.
Wolfgang Haffner: Thanks for listening to my songs, encouraging me to do the project and helping me to contact Mitch, Will & Brandon. It's been a pleasure to work with such a great musician and wonderful person!
Mitch Forman: What can I say? Your playing brought tears (of joy, of course) to my eyes. You can't imagine how often I had to listen to your piano tracks before I could make up my mind which one to choose. Wonderful!
Steve Tavaglione: Thanks for your marvellous playing and for introducing me to Scott. I'm so glad that finally all went well and that you could forgive me for being thoughtless. When will we hear the "Tav/Kinsey Project"?
Scott Kinsey: Idon't know of any keyboard player who is more innovative; and believe me, I'm listening to a lot of music. Thanks also for helping me with both contacting and recording Steve, Abe & Vinnie. Where would I be without you?
Will Lee: For such a long time I have known you from uncountable records. I never thought I would manage to get you to participate in my project. I guess that in 20 years' time, when I'm old and grey, you will still look the same and will have played on another 5000 records with the same energy and taste.
Brandon Fields: Thanks for finding the time between gigs to record the songs with such great taste.
Abe Laboriel: Thanks for your awesome playing and doing your very own stuff . You are a legend and it's an honor to have you on my record ...
Vinnie Colaiuta: Two years ago we saw you play here in Bremen with Karizma, with the crowd amazed by the band's performances. At the time I didn't dream that I would have you on my record. This is simply amazing!!!
Timm Pyttlik: Timm , when will you finally do your own album? I will support you!
Lutz Büchner: We recorded your tracks on Zebra more than 5 years ago and it still sounds fresh. I hope you like it still and wish you good Luck with your career.
Bernd Schlott: Thanks for your lyrical solo on Bouquet. I had some hard times in the studio but you never gave up and came up with this brilliant version on your clarinet.
Kai Thomsen: Thanks for the endless hours on my computer (how often did you help when I couldn't go on?) and for your great solos and harmonies on MC.
Uli Gadau: Ingo insisted on having a real acoustic bass player instead of my programming. OK, he was right! Thanks for being there when we needed you·and doing such an incredible job!
Helge Mruck: I don't know if you even remember that you are responsible for the intra on Bouquet. You also encouraged me to write songs of my own and helped me to become more than a "boom-cha"- drummer. Though we're far away from each other I often think about the great times we had.

Also special thanks to my family, my colleagues, Clemens Hinz, Dirk & Ulrike Menker, Kai Siebold, Petra Harste, Sabine & 'Olli' Orlok, Bernd Steinwedel, Heike Witzstrock, Michael Krenke, Stefan Koch, Ursel und Peter Tobin-Frank, Maria Goris, Matthew Garrison ( .. next time!)

Extra special thanks to Michel Colombier for invaluable comments on my music and for being my guiding light.

This album is dedicated to my partner in life Susanne.
2003, Michael „MSM“ Schmidt





Ingo Bittkau
Lutz Büchner
tenor sax
Vinnie Colaiuta
Brandon Fields
soprano, alto, tenor saxophone
Mitch Forman
Uli Gadau
Wolfgang Haffner
Scott Kinsey
piano, synths
Abe Laboriel
Holger Larisch
Will Lee
Helge Mruck
Timm Pyttlik
Bernd Schlott
clarinet, sax
Steve Tavaglione
soprano sax, EWI
Kai Thomsen
piano, synths
Michael „MSM“ Schmidt
composer, programming, synthesizer





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