Mixing and Mastering
All songs mixed & mastered by Bernd Steinwedel @ Studio Nord Bremen
except “Hey Jimmy” mixed by Joe Vannelli & Jimmy Haslip @ Bluemoon studios.
Drums & Bass on “Mr. Weasel”, “Hey Jimmy!”, “Mongolian BBQ”, “There Are No Rules”, “Running Home” & “Final Chapter” recorded at Phantom Recordings, Sherman Oaks, California - engineered by Simon Phillips.

Produced 2009 by Peter Cronemeyer, Germany

Artwork (Booklet)
Artwork 2009 by LaikArt, Bremen, Germany

Photos (Booklet)
Cover photo Heinz Langnier

Mitchel Forman appears courtesy of Marsis Jazz
Wolfgang Haffner courtesy of ACT Records
Chuck Loeb appears courtesy of Heads Up International
Eric Marienthal appears courtesy of Peak Records
Mike Mainieri appears courtesy of NYC Records Inc.
Tom Scott appears courtesy of CONCORD Records

All songs composed and arranged by Michael „MSM“ Schmidt except “Piano Interlude” composed by Mitchel Forman (Formanfor Music/ ASCAP), published 2009 by Laika-Records & Publishing, Bremen, Germany

Total Running Time: 76:43 minutes



01. New East 6:38

Joel Rosenblatt - drums; Dean Brown - guitar; Ric Fierabracci - bass; Mike Mainieri - vibes; MSM Schmidt - keyboards & loops

02. Mr. Weasel 5:59

Dean Brown - guitar; Mitchel Forman - piano and electric piano; Simon Phillips - drums; Tom Scott - sax; Jimmy Haslip - bass; MSM Schmidt - keyboards & loops

03. Strangest Feelings 5:23

Wolfgang Haffner - drums; Dave Carpenter - electric bass; Brandon Fields - sax; Walt Fowler - trumpet; Mike Miller - guitar; Mitch Forman - piano; MSM Schmidt - keyboards

04. Running Home 6:15

Alex Machacek - guitar; Steve Tavaglione - EWI & sax; Scott Kinsey - synths & keyboards; Simon Phillips - drums; Jimmy Haslip - bass; MSM Schmidt - keyboards

05. Piano Interlude 1:33

Mitchel Forman - piano

06. 7 Grooves 2 Heaven 6:44

Tom Scott - sax; Dean Brown - guitar; Ric Fierabracci - bass; Joel Rosenblatt - drums; MSM Schmidt - keyboards & loops

07. Hey Jimmy 6:39

Jimmy Haslip - bass; Mitchel Forman - piano; Steve Tavaglione - sax & EWI; Simon Phillips - drums; MSM Schmidt - keyboards & loops

08. Final Chapter 6:45

Steve Tavaglione - sax & EWI; Scott Kinsey - synths & keyboards; Simon Phillips - drums; Alex Machacek - guitar; Jimmy Haslip - bass

09. Miami Revisited 5:59

Chuck Loeb - guitar; Eric Marienthal - sax; Mitchel Forman - electric piano; Joel Rosenblatt - drums; MSM Schmidt - synths & keyboard bass

10. Mongolian BBQ 6:14

Eric Marienthal - sax; Walt Fowler - trumpet; Mitch Forman - piano; Jimmy Haslip - bass; Simon Phillips - drums; Chuck Loeb - guitar; MSM Schmidt - keyboards

11. Song For An Unknown Friend 7:15

Mike Mainieri - vibes; Mitchel Forman - piano; Dave Carpenter - contrabass; Wolfgang Haffner - drums; MSM Schmidt - keyboards

12. D.C. 1:39

Dave Carpenter - contrabass; Wolfgang Haffner - drums; MSM Schmidt - synths & loops

13. There Are No Rules 9:32

Simon Phillips - drums; Mitchel Forman - electric piano & synths; Jimmy Haslip - bass; Eric Marienthal & Brandon Fields - sax; Walt Fowler - trumpet; Jimmy Haslip - bass; Mike Miller - guitar; MSM Schmidt - keyboards



01. New East 6:17

New East - Full Score (g)

Fullscore [PDF, 160 KB]



Destination is my third CD. The idea for it was formed already while mixing and mastering the second CD „Transit“ in the Studio Nord with Bernd Steinwedel in 2006. However, following a self-imposed restriction, I never start a new project unless the current one is finished. The reason for this is simply, that I keep producing new ideas and new music, and then the new ideas overtake the old ones, and I never get any song finished because I keep adding and adding new pieces and new songs ...

While Transit still contained some smooth songs, the new project should focus a bit more on fusion. I also wanted to bring in new musicians, with whom I had wanted to work with earlier, but it just had not happened.

Mitchel Forman and Scott Kinsey on keyboards were „settled“, as was Steve Tavaglione and Brandon Fields on saxophone and Wolfgang Haffner on drums who played on all my CD´s. And with the help of Jimmy Haslip, I got Simon Phillips to play drums on six tracks. He also recorded the drums, bass and some keyboards in his studio.

Mitchel Forman helped to bring in saxophone-legend Tom Scott, and I could get Mike Mainieri, the founder of Steps Ahead, to play vibraphone on two songs. Further, one of the rising stars on guitar, Alex Macharcek, also joined the project.

By December 2008, all tracks were recorded, so I got in touch again with Bernd Steinwedel for mixing and mastering. All songs on „Destination“ were mixed and mastered by him, except „Hey Jimmy“, which was mixed by Jimmy Haslip and Joe Vannelli in the Blue Moon Studio, Los Angeles. I actually composed this song for Jimmy Haslip.

During the time of recording, mixing and mastering, I met some of the musicians in person before or after their concerts in Germany and The Netherlands. This was an experience I don't want to miss. And only after meeting my heores, like Mike Mainieri, Jimmy Haslip, Scott Kinsey and last but not least Wolfgang Haffner, Mitchell Forman and other members of Metro and their friends, I realized that I keep composing, arranging and producing music because of all these wonderful people who bring my ideas to life by adding their touch of genius, each and every one.

During the recording, Dave Carpenter, who played bass on three tracks, and whom I did not happen to meet in person, passed away. „Song for an unknown friend“ is dedicated to him.

Special thanks to: All the wonderful musicians & engineers who played on the record, especially to Wolfgang Haffner, Chuck Loeb, Mitchel Forman, Jimmy Haslip, Scott Kinsey and Mike Mainieri: Meeting you was simply great.
Bernd Steinwedel at Studio Nord Bremen for your expertise and patience.
Kai Thomsen for the great sessions and for always being there when I needed help.
Susanne for always encouraging me. Nothing would have happened without you!
Holger Larisch, Heike Witzstrock, Stefan Koch, Clemens Hinz, Sabine & Olli Orlok, Ronald Goris, Birgit & Maike Thomsen, my parents & my collegues, Ovidiu Dumitrescu (number one fan), Sandeep Chowta, Bernd Niederberger, Mike Landau & Frank Gambale (next time!)
Shannon West @smoothviews.com, John Hilderbrand @contemporaryjazz.com, Len Davis @lendavispresents.com
Peter Cronemeyer/ Laika-Records
Michael „MSM“ Schmidt, Bremen, 2009





Dean Brown
Dave Carpenter
electric bass, contrabass
Brandon Fields
soprano, alto, tenor saxophone
Ric Fierabracci
Mitch Forman
producer, piano, synthesizers
Walt Fowler
trumpet, flugel horn
Wolfgang Haffner
Jimmy Haslip
producer, electric bass
Scott Kinsey
fender rhodes, synthesizer
Chuck Loeb
Alex Machacek
Mike Mainieri
Eric Marienthal
alto saxophone
Mike Miller
Simon Phillips
Joel Rosenblatt
Tom Scott
Steve Tavaglione
soprano sax, EWI
Kai Thomsen
synths & loops
Michael „MSM“ Schmidt
composer, programming, synthesizer





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